Terms of Service

 Terms of Service

Welcome to the Simply Said On-Line Stamping Club. 

By signing up and becoming a member of the Simply Said On-Line Stamping Club, you are agreeing to comply with the Terms of Service.

Clicking on the button below and filling out the form constitutes your agreement to the Terms of Service.

If you disagree with any of the conditions below, do not continue.

  • To participate in the Simply Said On-Line Stamping Club, you must have a Canadian address (includes all Territories)
  • Minimum order is $40 (before shipping and taxes) per month
  • Minimum Time Period is 6 months.
  • Place your order through my On-line Store HERE - open 24/7
  • Place your order between the 1st thru the 10th of each month to qualify for the exclusive Bonus Video Tutorial
  • If an order is not placed by the 10th of the month, I will contact you via telephone or email as a reminder
  • When I have received confirmation of your order, you will receive the Bonus Video Tutorial - value $30.00.
  •  You will have Life Time access to the Bonus Video Tutorial content
  • You will receive an email on or around the 15th of each month, explaining how to access the Bonus Video Tutorial
  •  After fulfilling the 6 month commitment, you may withdraw from the Simply Said On-Line Stamping Club at any time.  However, you can remain a member for as long as you like.
  • If you wish to withdraw from the Simply Said On-line Stamping Club, send an email HERE and I will take care of it.
  •  If you wish to continue with the club, do nothing and I will continue to send you the Bonus Video Tutorial each month following confirmation of your On-Line Order.

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