Thursday, May 3, 2012

Kid's Craft Day

I know that I have been short on posts for the last week, but I've been busy creating crafts for the "Me and Stampin' Up!" class.

There are 6 children between kindergarten age and 10 years coming on Saturday to do some crafting...their Mom's are coming too to help them out, or better yet, Mom is coming to help me out!

I designed 2 projects for is a banner with their name and the other is a hanging Spring picture.

These 2 projects will get them using the Big Shot, various punches and of course stamps.  Most of the Moms already stamp, so the kids have been exposed to most of what they are going to do.  

I have prepared a lot of the card stock and paper for them, so it won't take them long to get them done and it's all about keeping their interest.

Sample Name Banner

The kids were able to choose 2 their own favourite colours

Spring Has Sprung

I also have some other goodies for them to take home.  I know this is rather gender biased...the girls get a purse and the boys get a backpack.  Each has a surprise inside....

Plus they will all get an Angry Bird bookmark to help them out with their reading.

I sure hope they all enjoy what I have in store for them on Saturday and I still have my sanity on Sunday. heehee.

Until next time....



  1. The kids will love these. I want an angry bird bookmark, in fact if it could be a real live trained angry bird that would be even cooler. Don't forget to have a little fun to on your Kids Day!

  2. Karen, this is a WONDERFUL idea! And so much fun is going to be had I know. The kids will love these and I bet some will be future crafters too!

  3. This sounds like a great time to be had. What wonderful projects. I love that bird :)

  4. Hmm, I'm wondering about your sanity now?? I'm sure the kids will have a wonderful time though and great choices for them. You must have the patience of Job!

  5. Those are such great projects the kids will love them. That angry bird bookmark is awesome.

  6. These are absolutely fabulous projects, Karen! I know the kids will love them!

  7. Great projects! I like the craft sticks. That looks like fun to make!! They will have a great time for sure.

  8. Karen... WOW aren't you ambious! A kids craft class.. good for you. I do that with my grandkids but never attempted a class. Your projects are adorable and they are going to have so much fun. HUGS.
    PS: I'm soooo bummed your site is blocked for some reason at work now as are a few others??? so I can't visit at lunch any more, but I keep checking daily!

  9. What a wonderful array of projects you have in store for these lucky children Karen. I am sure they are just going to love your classes and I am sure you will too!

  10. I know they had fun making this fun creations, Karen!! My favorite is the Angry Birds bookmark!! Too, too cute!!


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