Thursday, July 14, 2011

Convention Day 2

Hi Everyone:  It's Day 2 of Stampin' Up! convention here in Salt Lake City, and what a day it has been.  We kicked off the morning with a general session and I have never seen so many people in one place.  The ballroom was decorated in the "Grow" theme and it is about the +one campaign that has been going on for Stamping' Up! since January. 
Main Stage

Making Our Debut as First Timers

As first timers to Convention, Tammy, Kendra, Tiffany and myself walked across the stage with a few hundred other first timers.

Tower at the Salt Lake Palace

This is one of the Towers at the Palace.  It is a huge place and takes up about 2 city blocks.  Needless to say, there is a lot of walking and tonight I am nursing a blister....yuck.,

One of the perks, and there are plenty , is that we got the first look at the new Holiday Mini and let me tell you tell you that there is plenty to drool over.  So that is it for this time and until next time.....



  1. Sounds like you are continuing to have a fun time!

  2. I love your walk across the stage!! I hope you can see me waving back!!!

    Enjoy your week!!

  3. Karen it sounds like there is lots to see and do and you are having a fabulous time all bar the blisters. I love the big grow background!

  4. lookslike you are all having a blast! Just be sure to take care of your blister!!

  5. Looks like a ton of fun!!!!!! Have fun and keep sending pics!


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